You Need These Cheat Sheets In Your Life

You Need These Cheat Sheets In Your Life
Power Up Your Printer, the Whoot has placed all the Cheat Sheets they found on the web in one place:

You Need These Cheat Sheets In Your Life

We’ve put together stacks of handy Kitchen Cheat Sheets that will have you cooking like a Pro. View them all now!

Kitchen Measurements
Need a little hand in the kitchen?  You will love this collection of handy Cheat Sheets including 20 amazing Microwave Hacks,  tips for Cooking times for Veggies, Egg Substitutions plus substitutes for Butter.
We’ve also included a Chalkboard DIY that will be perfect for the inside of your Pantry. It’s a great way to keep cups and tablespoons on hand or pop your weekly shopping list there! Find out how to reduce a recipe, how long to freeze and whether or not your Eggs are fresh. We have lots of printables and great information so be sure that you view our post all the way to the end and Pin as you go.Cooking Cheat Sheets
These Kitchen Cheat Sheets will come in very handy and you can print them out and pop them on your fridge if you like. We found them on the ‘Fresh and Organised’ Site Fridge Freezer Storage Cooking Times
Choose and Brew The Perfect Cup of Tea
This handy chart shows you how to brew the perfect cup of tea and most importantly how long to steep your teabag for the desired result. We found it here

Baking Pan Conversions Chart

This Baking Pan Conversions Chart is brilliant and will come in very handy.
Kitchen Pouring Spout
This Kitchen Pouring Spout clips on easily and is great for draining off fat or water from pasta, there are so many ways to use this handy gadget. It’s available on Amazon for a small price and you can find the details here

Kitchen Cheat Sheets

This Infographic converts Farenheit to Celcius, Cups to Tablespoons and Metric to Standard. Be sure to Pin it for reference and you can download your free Printable for this very handy here

Cup Equivalents

You can grab a Printable version of this Cup Equivalents Chart here

Measurement Equivalents Printable
Kitchen Helper SheetsThis Measuring Equivalents Chart was found on the Martha Stewart Site and you can find the Printables here
Common Kitchen MeasurementsHere’s another great Printable that was found on ‘One Good Thing By Jilly’ – You can find it here

Egg Substitutions Cheat Sheet

Egg Substitution Cheat Sheet

Kitchen Volume Conversion Chart

Kitchen Volumes Cheat Sheet

How To Cut A Recipe In Half

How To Cut A Recipe In Half

Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet

Veggie Cheat Sheet

Home Cook Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Home Cook Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet

Kitchen Measurements

Kitchen cheat sheet
Roasting Vegetable Sheet
Making Half or a Third of a Recipe
Kitchen Cabinet Conversion Chart


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I'm living on the Texas Gulf Coast, where weather quickly changes. I post weather, disaster-related infos I receive, and weather history. And ... much more. Add your stories, and post along with me about your area too. Surviving is all about the public and informed preparedness.

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